Home Sales Fundamentals: What Every Homeowner Should Know

New To Rental Investing And Property Management? Save Time & Money With These Tips

Investing in real estate just might be the ultimate in entrepreneurial adventures, especially if building financial wealth capable of remaining stable for generations is the goal. In fact, some of the today's most financially successful people have done so through their own real estate investments or by managing inherited investment properties from a parent or family member. If you are a new real estate investor wanting to build a successful portfolio of your own, the following tips can help you save money and time and shorten your path to success. Read More 

Confused By Contingencies? Helpful Info Every Home Buyer Should Know

Like all legal and binding contracts, real estate purchase contracts can be confusing, especially the sections known as contingencies. Defined as provisions with the power to break the binding nature of a contract, contingencies are built-in safeguards to protect the interest of one or both parties when certain agreed-upon conditions are not met. If you are in the process of buying a home or will be doing so soon, the following  information can help you understand and use contingencies to your benefit. Read More 

Learn More About Buying That First Home

Have you recently decided to go ahead and purchase your first home? If so, then you want to review the information here so you are well-prepared for the home buying journey that you are about to embark on. Here is a guide to walk you through the steps. Credit scores matter: While you may look online and see the words "buy a home with bad credit" or "buy a home with no credit" Read More 

3 Timely Reasons To Choose A Single Family House When Purchasing Your Next Home

When the time comes to purchase a home, buyers may be unsure which type to buy. Many may consider a condo or townhome, while those with a yearning to invest may feel drawn to own a duplex or multi-family home. But the most popular home type, by far, are the single-family homes. There are many good reasons to own a single family, like privacy and potentially better resale value, but there are also some lesser-known reasons that prospective buyers may want to consider, such as: Read More 

Just Say No To The FSBO Sale: Real Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Professional To Sell Your Home

Homeowners who plan to sell their home face a familiar dilemma. Should they sell their home by themselves or should they hire a real estate professional to handle the process? Those who are considering a by owner sale may be thinking about doing so in an effort to try to avoid paying a real estate sales commission or because they feel they well-qualified to handle the marketing process on their own. Read More 

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Home Sales Fundamentals: What Every Homeowner Should Know

When I decided to sell my first house, I had no idea how complex the process was going to be. From meeting with several real estate agents to completing the listing and scheduling open houses, it was more demanding than I thought. When it came time to entertain offers, I was at a loss for how to evaluate each one objectively and I made some mistakes that I wish I'd known better about. Now that we've left the closing table, I wanted to create this site to help others who may be new to listing a home. Read through what I've learned so that you can be better prepared for the process yourself.



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