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Condo Homes: Features And Benefits

Also called garden or cluster homes, patio homes do not necessarily have patios. Rather, patio homes are properties attached to other patio homes. Think of a patio home as a miniature condominium or townhouse. Below are some common features of patio homes and why you should buy one. 

Features of a Patio Home

Patio homes have several features that make them stand out from other properties. Below are some of these features.

They Are Usually Single Stories

Patio homes are usually one-story properties. A few patio homes come with upper levels that do not fully constitute another story. You can refer to those patio homes as one and a half stories high. Many people use their half-story levels as home offices or recreational spaces, but you can use yours for whatever you want.

They Are Transitional in Style

Patio homes are transitional in style, incorporating both contemporary and traditional features. For example, patio homes can have both brick and clapboard exteriors. The architectural differences often vary by neighborhood. Talk to your Realtor about the options in your target neighborhoods.

They Have Relatively Small Footprints

Lastly, patio homes are relatively smaller than townhouses and condominiums. This is partly because the other two are often multistoried, while patio homes feature single stories.

Benefits of a Patio Home

All home styles have their pros and cons. Below are some reasons to consider a patio home. 

They Are Relatively Affordable

Patio homes are affordable, especially compared to condos and townhouses. Consider a patio home if you want to enjoy the benefits of a single-family home but are not ready to buy a condo or townhouse. The relative affordability of patio homes is partially due to their small size. Other factors, such as location, affect the prices of all properties, including patio homes.

Patio Homeowners Own the Lot Too

If you are debating between a patio home and a condo, remember that you don't own the lot on which a condo sits. You only own the house; you own the common exterior areas with other condo owners in the society. For patio homes and townhouses, however, you own the land on which the house sits.

Now that you know what a patio is and how it can benefit you, don't skip these properties when browsing property listings. Don't forget to involve a real estate agent to ensure your property purchase proceeds without complications and regrets.

Contact a local service provider, such as Chuck Tuttle Realtor Group Osterville, to learn more. 

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