Home Sales Fundamentals: What Every Homeowner Should Know

3 Timely Reasons To Choose A Single Family House When Purchasing Your Next Home

When the time comes to purchase a home, buyers may be unsure which type to buy. Many may consider a condo or townhome, while those with a yearning to invest may feel drawn to own a duplex or multi-family home. But the most popular home type, by far, are the single-family homes. There are many good reasons to own a single family, like privacy and potentially better resale value, but there are also some lesser-known reasons that prospective buyers may want to consider, such as:

A single-family home can help you start your own business

Starting and growing a successful home business means choosing a home with the right space, features, and location to make the goal possible. Condos, townhomes, and multi-family homes may not offer enough space to start and grow a business venture. Even more importantly, most may have HOA or zoning laws that might prevent such activity.

Purchasing a single family home, however, can provide you with the right space, sufficient parking, and many other advantages that will help to make your home business a successful one. Remember, however, to always check zoning regulations and restrictions for any home you are interested in purchasing before making an offer. 

A single-family home can offer opportunities to produce some of your own food

Frequent food recalls and goals of becoming more self-sufficient have recently led many people to want to produce some of their own food, and a single family home is perfect for this purpose. Whether you want to grow herbs on the patio or have garden beds and a greenhouse in the backyard, a single-family home with outdoor space is ideal for this purpose. If the yard is large enough, or the home is located on a small acreage, you may even be able to raise chickens, rabbits, goats, or other livestock to supply meat, eggs, and milk for your household.

A single family home can be altered to fit life changes

Another excellent reason to consider a single family home is to be able to alter the home later to make it adapt to life changes. A good example is when owners of a single-family home want to remodel their home to provide a separate living space for an aging parent or for rental income. 

Buyers who may be ready to start their own business, grow food, or adapt their home for other uses will still need to make sure that any single family home they are considering will allow these activities. Buyers can better limit their home search to only the homes that will work well for their housing goals by discussing them with their real estate professional before beginning their search.  

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