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Buying A Condo? 3 Reasons To Prioritize An Uncovered Balcony

Shopping for a home to buy is exciting because it leads to living in a place you own. You may want to purchase a condo because you like the reduced upkeep and shared amenities. Picking the right condo to buy that will satisfy your needs is sometimes tricky, especially if you do not have many demands. However, a balcony is a feature that you may decide is a top priority.

While looking at condos with balconies, you will find covered and uncovered ones. A smart plan is to prioritize ones with uncovered balconies for the benefits they provide.

Natural Lighting

While you can get natural light into your condo from the windows, you can also use your balcony. An uncovered balcony provides the most natural light because the sun will not be blocked from an overhead covering.

Ideally, you want to figure out how much lighting you want and at what times of the day. A south-facing balcony gets balanced sunlight in the day. You can get ample sunlight in the morning by getting an east-facing balcony. On the other hand, you may prefer sunlight in the evening, which you can get by looking for a condo with a west-facing balcony.


Watching the stars is something you can do from anywhere with an unobstructed view of the sky. However, you may love the idea of gazing at the stars from the comfort of your own home.

A covered balcony allows you to look at stars with a limited viewing angle. However, you can get a much better view by prioritizing an uncovered balcony with your condo purchase.

Since nearby lighting can reduce how much you are able to see the stars, you can even prioritize balconies in an area without a ton of nighttime lighting. For instance, a balcony that faces a nature area likely means that you will not have lamp posts reducing the visibility of the stars.

Fresh Air

All balconies do a great job of providing fresh air to your condo. An uncovered balcony will provide the most fresh air because outside air can come inside from a larger area. All you must do is leave your balcony door open to allow all the fresh air to enter your condo.

To maximize how much fresh air enters your condo, you can prioritize condos with the largest balcony doors. Opening an oversized balcony door all the way will maximize airflow.

Prioritizing condo listings with an uncovered balcony will allow you to enjoy these notable benefits. Contact a real estate agent to learn more.

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