Home Sales Fundamentals: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Buying The Right House: Three Ways To Make Sure You End Up In The Home Of Your Dreams

Buying a new home isn't just a major financial undertaking, but you're also investing in your day-to-day happiness. While everyone needs some sort of roof over their heads, really ending up in the home of your dreams is an art and science that goes beyond simply signing on a dotted line. Here are three very important ways to make sure you end up in the perfect home.

1. Pre-qualify Yourself Financially

The last thing you want in the process of home searching is to find something you absolutely adore, only to discover you're not actually qualified to finance it. Visit your local bank or other lender, tell them the general price of a home that fits your budget, then take care of all the paperwork that will demonstrate your ability to buy. You'll know in advance the price range you can view homes in, leaving no chance that you'll fall head-over-heals for something you simply can't have.

2. Hire A Real Estate Agent Or Broker

A real estate broker has an extended education compared to an agent, but no matter what you look for in a sales professional, it's nearly always better to have their help than trying to buy a home on your own. The process can be very drawn-out and complex, with potentially tens of thousands of dollars or more hanging in the balance, among other important things.

Although "DIY" may sound like the easier way of finding your perfect home, there are actually some very significant advantages to hiring a real estate agent:

  • The network a real estate agent is in can open many doors for you, quite literally.
  • An agent or broker can save an incredible amount of time by screening for the options you specify.
  • They'll save you countless dollars with their negotiating skills, something most people aren't proficient in.
  • Real estate professionals protect you, the buyer, from potentially purchasing a home that may have major problems.
  • They can help you get through the paperwork since it can be very daunting on your own, especially the closing.
  • If you're selling the home you currently occupy, your agent or broker can assist you in that matter, too, simplifying and saving that much more.

3. Know Exactly What You Want And Don't Want

With or without an agent and no matter how much money you're prepared to spend, looking at houses without knowing exactly what you want and don't want is a major waste of time that could possibly land you in a home you really don't want.

For example, if you haven't made a list to guide you to the right home, you could easily "fall for" a house based on other things, such as how beautiful it is or where it's located, when in reality, it doesn't offer the features you really need and want. If, on the other hand, you have that essential list of what you want and don't want, you're going to be forced to view only the homes that fit that criteria.

Especially when working with a real estate agent, that list will save you time and money and make the process of finding the best home for you as much of a science as it is an art.

You have too much at stake when buying a new home to risk the process to chance, confusion, or inexperienced mistakes. Create a plan, work with a leading real estate expert and really think your choice through. Ultimately, you should end up with a home that feels like it was built just for you and your family.

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Home Sales Fundamentals: What Every Homeowner Should Know

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