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3 Affordable Updates To Make If You Are Buying An Older Home

When you buy a house that is slightly older, there might be some things in the house that you will need to change, fix, or upgrade, and this is something you should budget in as you search for the right house to buy. Older homes often need some work, especially if you want to make them more energy efficient, and here are three affordable updates you may need to plan on making after buying an older home.

Replace the old thermostat with a programmable one

If the home you purchase has an old traditional type of thermostat in it, replacing it with a programmable one can be a good idea. Programmable thermostats allow you to set them up in a way that controls the temperature in your house by the day or hour. The purpose is to help your home stay more comfortable when you are there, and to make sure you are not wasting a lot of energy when you are not at home.

Replace the light bulbs in the house

The light bulbs in the home can also affect the energy efficiency of the house. Because of this, you should check each light fixture to see if the bulbs are older types or energy-efficient types. The best two types of bulbs available today are CFLs and LEDs. Both types use less energy to operate, yet both last very long. If you want to avoid wasting money on lighting costs, make sure you have bulbs like these in your new house.

Seal windows and doors

The other thing you may want to do when you move in is seal all doors, windows, and openings if this has not already been completed. If this is not done, you might lose heat and cooled air through the openings, and this can affect your energy bills. A great way to do this is by using expanding foam and caulk. You should begin by walking outside around the perimeter of your home. As you do this, caulk around each window and door. If you see any holes, use the spray foam, which expands, to fill in the holes. This will keep your house more airtight, which will help you save money on utilities.

Making these three updates to the home you buy is a good idea if the home is older and has not had these things completed. To learn more about home maintenance when buying a home, contact a real estate agency today.

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